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The guys who do our fine Action Comics have been so good today, getting back on that comic horse, and riding it over to the comic trough, and letting it drink up cool, refreshing, comic water (And by all that I am metaphorically saying that they all put up comics today) I promised that I would also be well behaved and update the news. But I kind of forget how to do it. What, after all, is there to talk about?

Psychonauts is done. Did you hear about that? That’s kind of news, right? The PS2 version just went gold, and that’s a good thing. We were the number one entertainment product in Entertainment Weekly last week. Oh wait. I mentioned that last time.

Oh, they did a documentary about the last days of the Excellent Game Psychonauts on G4TV. Yes, and that’s been up for a while and you knew about that so you might think that’s not really news. But did you know this: they are RE-RUNNING IT?

Yes, the RE-Running of our Icons show is news, so enjoy. They are showing it again on June 5 at 8:30pm ET, 5:30pm PT. That fact and many other facts are lying in wait for you on this G4TV ICONS SHOW FACT PAGE!!!

Hopefully you’re over reading that page now and I can sneak away using these dots here…

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