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Host Master and the Conquest of Humor

Tim Schafer Tim

Why oh why did I agree to host the Game Developers Choice Awards again? So much stress! I lay awake at night, thinking about all those people staring at me from the audience, growling. I try to imagine them in their underwear, but have you ever tried imagining the games industry in its underwear? That’s not helping me sleep at night.

“I know what you need,” said Klint, our web tyrant.

“Yes! I need a few jokes for my script. Hopefully about Game Audio, Design, or—“

“No, what you need is for someone to tell your story, in GAME FORM, for the benefit of future generations.”

“But how’s that going to help me with—“

“Shhhhh,” Klint said, moving my hand to my mouse. “I’ve tried to present your problem in a form that would make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. As if it were a puzzle to solve from a simpler time, when your brain was younger and more flexible.”

“This better be awesome,” I said.

And it was.

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