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Tim Schafer Tim

Our last presidential election was so exciting, if you’re anything like me you are having trouble relating to regular, everyday, non-election life. Someone asks you if want sausage links or patties and you say, well, lets set up some debates and we’ll see how they both do!

And then you have this daydream:

Sausage: “My opponent’s last bill was stuffed more full of pork than I am!”
Patties: “Well, I’d rather have a bill full of earmarks than a candidate that’s full of ear meat!”
Audience: (quietly) “Oh snap.”
Sausage: “I will have you know that I am 100% pure. I’m as pure as bacon!”
Patties: “Senator, I fried in the same pan as bacon; I knew bacon; bacon is delicious. You sir, are no bacon.”

And then you pick bacon. Bacon always wins.

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