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Weird! It turns out I was on that Gamespot show! I had no idea. But it was nice to see myself again. The whole interview is still up on their site I guess until they bump Psychonauts for those dang Canadian doctors. Dang them and their shifty, Northern ways.

If you haven’t been paying attention then that last paragraph probably made no sense whatsoever. But I have no time to make sense. It’s all about finishing the Euphonious Salami Psychonauts (or E.S.P. as it is known on the street)! We just have to put in a couple more car chases and fart jokes and sit back and wait. Wait for what? Why for the state to issue new history books to all the schools—books that divide all of man’s time on Earth into B.P. (Before Psychonauts) and A.P. (some Latin phrase nobody really understands but it kind of means “After Psychonauts”).

Shhh! Listen: An awesome new Psychonauts fan site has emerged!


I warn you: their site looks better than That’s because I put together my own self and I only taught myself enough about FrontPage to get this site up, and orange, and then I gave my brain a much needed vacation. (But, don’t worry. I’m not done. As soon as I figure out how to make one of those cool, rainbow-colored separator bars and the flying pig that chases your cursor around, this page is going to get a whole lot sexier.) But for now, if you want elegance, sophistication, and hot Psychonauts action, check out I predict they will be a better source of information about Psychonauts than this page here, which is really just a source of information about the color orange.

And a place for me to type, since they won’t let me add any more dialog to the game.

Hey, I just noticed. This page looks a lot like Velveeta. Like maybe if A&W served Velveeta.

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