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Tim Schafer Tim

What is the announcement? There have been several guesses, all centered around the idea that the clue “Foist celery upon abdomen!” was what liguobiologists call an “ANAGRAM.” Now I don’t know what those words mean, but following that line of logic, people guessed that the announcement was one of the following things:

#1: “A mercy, Double Fine’s on top”
#2: “Double Fine art pony comes!”
#3: “Double Fine Company Store!”

And the answer is: THEY ARE ALL TRUE!

#1 is true. And a nice, concise summary of my ramblings a few days ago. Double Fine is number one! Yeah!! In your face, games industry!

#2 is the main one. That’s the big surprise. Double Fine’s Art Pony has definitely come. And here it is:

Her name is Princess Beauty Hair

So that’s it! The big announcement! The Double Fine Art Pony!

I hope you liked it. It took me a long time, mostly because of all the shading.

Oh, also, #3 is true!

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