What is the announcement? There have been several guesses, all centered around the idea that the clue “Foist celery upon abdomen!” was what liguobiologists call an “ANAGRAM.” Now I don’t know what those words mean, but following that line of logic, people guessed that the announcement was one of the following things:

#1: “A mercy, Double Fine’s on top”
#2: “Double Fine art pony comes!”
#3: “Double Fine Company Store!”

And the answer is: THEY ARE ALL TRUE!

#1 is true. And a nice, concise summary of my ramblings a few days ago. Double Fine is number one! Yeah!! In your face, games industry!

#2 is the main one. That’s the big surprise. Double Fine’s Art Pony has definitely come. And here it is:

Her name is Princess Beauty Hair

So that’s it! The big announcement! The Double Fine Art Pony!

I hope you liked it. It took me a long time, mostly because of all the shading.

Oh, also, #3 is true!