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Tim Schafer Tim

I put that headline up there for people who were surfing the internet SO FAST yesterday that they possibly overlooked the true nature of the big announcement. It was easy to miss, because I wrapped it in a protective sheath of hilarity. So let’s pull back the sheath and let there be no confusion about it! We have Double Fine t-shirts for sale! If that was the whole announcement, I think that would be pretty exciting. But no, there is more. Check it out!

I would say more but I got three fillings today and half my face is still numb and I’m worried that if I talk I’ll drool.

Hey, has anyone heard the radio commercials for Psychonauts yet? I heard Howard Stern read one on his show. Man, I would like to have a tape of that.

(And by “tape” I mean of course, the way-hipper “MP3.” Oh, man. I wish I had an MP3 of that. And I wish that the word “ripped” could be involved in there somewhere. Oh man, I am drooling.)

I am going down to LA tomorrow to be on G4. And there is a television commercial for Psychonauts that you can see on Mtv, among other places. Crazy! It’s like suddenly it’s raining love.

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