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Important Game News!

Tim Schafer Tim

They say when you have a child that you no longer have time to do a lot of things, especially video games. And I have found that to be very true. But mostly because my dang kid is playing them all the time! How am I supposed to get in there? With a crowbar?

For instance, I pre-ordered Wii Fit, and was super excited about playing it, but guess who’s hogging it? (Again!)

But the joke’s on her. She can barely register on the BMI scale at all!

11.92? Pitiful!

You should have seen her stumble her way through a simple balance test. Like a drunk sailor!

I don’t want to push her too hard though. I know she is her own worst critic. She took it pretty hard when her “Wii Fit Age” test results came in.


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