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Iron Brigade PC is out! Livestream on Wednesday!

Chris Remo Chris Remo

Iron Brigade PC is here! On Steam! It includes the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC! And it’s 20% off for the first week!

To celebrate, this Wednesday at 4pm Pacific, Brad and I will be joined by four key Iron Brigade team members for a livestream of the game! We’ll be playing through the co-op campaign and taking questions from viewers, which hopefully includes you. More details here!

It gets better, though—four times better. Steam has an Iron Brigade quad-pack for only $34.99, which is only $8.99 per copy. Get some friends together! With all that money you save, you could splurge on a totally sweet Iron Brigade t-shirt, which is currently 25% off!

Oh, and speaking of quads, look how utterly pumped Brad is about all of this:

Wait, you can’t see his quads in that shot. Well, trust me on this four-pack of knowledge: 1) Brad wasn’t wearing pants that day, 2) Brad’s quads are pumped, 3) Iron Brigade PC is awesome and you should buy it, and 4) I can’t look Brad in the eyes anymore.

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