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It looked like a baked apple. There were complaints.

Tim Schafer Tim

I’m working on a photo montage of my feet with the great landmarks of the world. My feet are pretty tired though, so this may be ABOUT all I can do.

Wait a second. Did someone say, ABOUT? Funny you should mention that, because the next stop on our tour of Double Fine’s new internet funhouse is our brand new page that’s all ABOUT Double Fine Productions.

It’s all brand new! Except for that it’s pretty much exactly like our old about page, but with two critical improvements:

1) Beneath the photo is a F.A.Q. page, with answers to every single possible question you ever think of to ask Double Fine. Read it and you’ll be so smart, it’s like getting a master’s degree in 10 minutes.
2) Everyone in the new team picture has his or her shirt on.

One more step towards rebuilding the civilized world.

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