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Notes from the Underworld

Tim Schafer Tim

Is it possible to update the news page in the middle of a voice recording session?
And can my feet get in there?

My feet get everywhere! The world shall smell my feet!
And right now my world is the basement of Vivendi Games, recording voices for, you know, stuff.
Behold Mike Patterson on the left side there. Mike is an excellent recordist, and gets the job done despite that little monster thing growing out of the top of his head. We treat him as if he’s a regular human being, and try not to stare at it. Not so much to spare his feelings, but because we’re worried that if we make eye contact with the little monster, it will come to life.

Between Mike and my feet is Khris Brown. I can only show the back of Khris’ head because she has never been seen in public without her KISS makeup on, and I try to respect that.

So that’s all that’s going on down here in LA. Except for the stabbing that happened at our hotel last night. Apart from that, everything is going great.


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