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It’s COSTUME QUEST DAY! Who’s excited?

Tim Schafer Tim

Me! I’m excited. I’ve been on twitter all day (in disguise as TimOfLegend) listening to people talk about how much fun they’re having playing the game. I’ve also been answering a question here and there.
Also, Lili’s excited:
An image from the Double Fine archive.
Hit “read the rest” to hear me answer all the questions you wanted answered but were afraid to ask but don’t need to worry about because someone on Twitter asked for you.

Q: How do I save the game?
A: The game autosaves whenever you start or complete a quest. Also whenever you load a level.

Q: I’m losing this battle every time!
A: Make sure to buy and use BATTLE STAMPS. Sadie has a stand in every level where she sells battle stamps. They can make you stronger, help your defense, make you dodge, heal you, or do crazy things like wrap your enemy in toilet paper. You won’t be able to make it through the game unless you master Battle Stamps.

Q: Where’s the map?
A: Sorry, there’s no map! But you can tell which houses you’ve visited by the illuminated paper bag trail leading to the house. If the lights are lit, you haven’t hit that house yet!

Q: Is there going to be a PC version?
A: None planned at this time. As I’ve said before, this is not our call to make!

Q: Should I stop asking you about a PC version?
A: Yes, please. 😄

Q: Where is the last part of the Statue of Liberty costume?
A: Have you tried the storm drain on the northeast side of town?

Q: Is there going to be any DLC!
A: Who knows? Stay tuned!*

*Odds of DLC increase every time you convince a friend to buy Costume Quest!

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