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Tim Schafer Tim

Last week’s darling of the action news, the orange-shirted Malena, has skyrocketed to the bottom of our popularity charts this week, and experts are at loss for a reason why. Sources speculate that it could be her constant haranguing of handsome genius Tim Schafer about his backlog of dialog-writing tasks. Other pundits put forth the theory that voters have turned on her due to her frequent gambling on college football. I, for one, am not sure, but I think I believe in whichever sentence it was that mentioned how handsome Tim Schafer is.

Also, I don’t want to make things worse, but on my way back from my weekly blood donating, I saw Malena out behind the office, taunting a stray kitten. She was calling the kitten FAT, and telling the kitten that nobody loved it, and when the kitten started crying, Malena LAUGHED at the kitten, and repeated everything the kitten said in a mocking tone, while moving her right hand as if it were holding an invisible hand-puppet that was saying everything the kitten said. And as the kitten was tearfully running away, Malena flipped off the kitten. And then she said something rude about handicapped people.

And the kitten wasn’t even handicapped.

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