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Tim Schafer Tim

Well, now.

How about that?

That’s some good news there. I like that news. I was tempted not to mention it because the Double Fine Action News is so pure; so rarely have its gentle pages been soiled with the inky taint of news, or the gratuitous use of semi-colons. But I will make an exception this time, mostly because I wanted to see that kitten in the news banner again.

In case you are too scared or lazy to click on the above link, I will summarize the news item for you here:

Item: The Excellent Game Psychonauts will be published by the Incredibly Attractive Company Majesco. Psychonauts is rad, Majesco kicks ass, and everybody is stoked. You are awesome just for reading this. I love you. Tell everyone.

Truckloads of screenshots and information about the excellent game Psychonauts have been backing up here for months, and its all about to explode onto the internet and games press, explosively. I would say, “stay tuned,” but really what you should do is, “hold the f*** on,” because the coming avalanche of excellence will show no mercy, and may very well sweep you off your feet into the Sea of Absolute, Numbing Satisfaction where you will bob up and down on a life raft of… uh… a life raft of… gaming… pleasures? Whatever. Man, so many good things are about to happen. Try not to book any appointments for August because you will be busy enjoying stuff about Psychonauts.

Oh, and we’re doing a Windows version. Just for my dad. Hi Dad!

Why don’t you take the rest of the day off to enjoy this fabulous news, all of you?

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