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Let’s just call it a tie now, okay?

Tim Schafer Tim

What the heck? Double Fine has reached the Great 8 of the Escapists March Mayhem. Woo!

So now we are up against Valve, and you know what that means. It’s time to stop this crazy, competitive mayhem and just declare the whole thing an 8-way tie. Everybody’s a winner!

We developers have to stick together, right? There’s room for us all to be successful, right? Who’s with me?

If you agree with me, then let us know by going to the ballot right now and voting for Double Fine. I know I said we should call it a tie, but there’s no check box for “Tie” so just vote for Double Fine, and when we win I’ll call it a tie I swear.


Wow, I was kind of kidding, but you guys actually went and made it a tie. This is all kinds of ridiculous:

Not that I care or anything. Not that I even looked. I totally saw this by accident. I don’t even care. But man, the fact that we are so close to Valve here has me re-evaluating the power of our fans. You guys are an awesome and terrifying force.

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