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Tim Schafer Tim

Since our last post, some helpful readers have tried to inform us that Yo-Yos were never actually used as weapons, as we had claimed in our Yo-Yo product description. Luckily, it was just this one guy, and even more lucky was the fact that I was up in a tree branch when he said it, and he was standing right below me, so I was able to quickly Yo-Yo him to death. That was pretty cool, but the Double Fine Action Yo-Yo I used for the job split in half on the poor guy's skull, revealing that IT HAS A BALL BEARING INSIDE AS WELL. Omg! So I was totally erroneous in my store descriptions. Both Yo-Yos have ball bearings inside--the Excellent Yo-Yo Psychonauts, and the Double Fine Action Yo-Yo--which means they will spin, approximately, forever. I can't believe how wrong I was! (about the ball bearings, not about the weapons. I was totally right about that.) Quick! Buy one now, in case we raise the price!

Is that a low blow? Threatening to raise the price? Okay, we won't raise the price. $15 is pretty cheap for a ball bearing Yo-Yo my friend. Think of it as your opportunity to make it up to us for pirating Psychonauts.

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