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Tim Schafer Tim

The Double Fine Action Yo-Yo!

"It lights up!™"

Oh... I'm sorry. Is that not cool enough for you?

Well, how about this then?

The Excellent Yo-Yo Psychonauts!

Kapow! Excellence attack!

Yesterday we were a no Yo-Yo Company. Now we are a TWO Yo-Yo company. Why did we skip the critical step of being a One Yo-Yo company? Why, to leapfrog the competition, of course. While other companies are announcing their single Yo-Yos at E3, we be like, "One Yo-Yo? But then what do you do with your other hand?"

I know you loved the Excellent GAME Psychonauts, but you should be aware that the Excellent Yo-Yo Psychonauts has a big advantage over the The Excellent Game Psychonauts: The Excellent Yo-Yo has a BALL BEARING inside. Which means it will spin for a long time even if you don't know what you are doing. Trust me, I've been using ball bearing yo-yos to fool people for years. Within just a few days of playing with your Excellent Yo-Yo Psychonauts, you will be able to do every trick in this video.

Oh, wait. Did I say that video? I meant this video:

(This wmv fileis 703K. Can you handle it?)

(Make sure you have your volume turned up so you can hear me schooling Steven and Tasha with my Yo-Yo skillz.)

Besides my skillz, other thingz to note in that video are: The fact that I am using the Double Fine Action Yo-Yo, which may not have a ball bearing, but it lights up! In the dark! Just like Rudolf! And matches!

So what are you waiting for? Buy a bunch of awesome Yo-Yos now! All we need to do sell is one million Yo-Yos, and we'll have enough money to make our next game!

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