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No, this is not a cupcake…

Tim Schafer Tim

...but it is pretty sweet!

That’s right, Stacking Dolls from Stacking!

When Lee first came to me with the idea for a game about Russian nesting dolls, I said, “What? You want to sell Russian nesting dolls in the store? GREAT IDEA!” And he said, “Well, I was talking about a GAME idea actually—” and I was like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever. As an offshoot of the dolls you can do a game, or a movie, or a Broadway musical for all I care. Just as long as we get awesome nesting dolls in the store!” I’m not sure what happened with that crazy game idea, or Lee for that matter. All I know is that THE DOLLS ARE HERE AND THEY ARE AMAZING. Made in RUSSIA, of all places.

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