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OMG LET’S MAKE UP! (posted by Tim)

Tim Schafer Tim

I don’t want to fight anymore. I forgive you for betraying my love. Grim Fandango had a good run, but now it has gone to GameSpy Title fight heaven, where it will finally rest.

(Unless you bring it back in the “extra life” vote going on right now, which you really should do. Especially since that would give you another opportunity to betray and humiliate me, which you seem to get off on.)

I put the optimistic tag “Posted by Tim” up there in the corner, did you notice? Erik promised me more posts of his hilarious comic stylings, so I’m just going to keep on putting that little signature up there, even though all the posts are by me right now. You see, the plan is that Erik will see that happening and actually feel guilty enough to put up his own post. Are you reading this, Mr. Funny? Hello? Paging Doctor Chuckletime! America is pregnant with giggles, and is waiting for you to deliver!

Oh, man I want to continue with that joke but I’m actually grossing myself out.

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