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Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, there is a ton of stuff going on, but I have nothing to say. How is that possible? Because I have no brain left. We all used every brain cell we had as a company to make Psychonauts, and now it is done (except for all the stuff we still have to do) and my brain is… I can’t find the words because my brain is so… you know what I’m saying. Stoopid. That’s the word. I should have saved one brain cell, just so I could find my house. But no.

Anyway, we have been getting a ton of great press about Psychonauts, but the fan sites are so much more on top of it than me, so if you want to catch up on all the new game info, you should probably just go check them out instead! The International House of Mojo always has the latest, as does Razputin’s Domain. Tim Fandango has recently updated, and I like the art in their header bar. The Church of Tim seems to hate news. (And recently, anything that rhymes with “news.”) I have to admire that in a way. I’m not sure exactly what the Church of Tim is, to tell you the truth, but it seems to be an artist who looks like Che Guevara writing a diary from the point of view of a fictitious, nine-year-old Irish girl. Oh, and there’s a naked picture of me. Kinda.

The Game Developer’s Conference is in town, and it’s happening like two blocks from our offices. I can see them from my desk. Hey, if you’re at the conference look over here! I’m leaning out my window, waving. Hello!

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