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Tim Schafer Tim

So, you know how when you were watching season four of 24, and you had these weird, unexplainable flashbacks to the happy feelings you had when playing Grim Fandango? And you know how you forgot about it until this year when you were watching Ugly Betty? But not when you were watching the parts of the show that are set at Mode magazine, or the parts with Selma Hayek in them, but the parts where Ugly Betty is at home with her family? And suddenly you were thinking about Manny Calavera of all people, and the pure gaming satisfaction you felt during the hours and hours you spent in his company, driving through tree tunnels and cursing in anger?

Isn't that weird? Most scientists would agree that this kind of spontaneous, irrational association is probably due to a very serious neurological disorder of yours. Like how those people in Scanners tasted chocolate right before their heads exploded. You should probably get that checked out, but in the mean time, I have another theory.

I think it could possibly be related to the fact that Tony Plana, who played Manny Calavera, also played the dastardly terrorist Omar in season four of 24 (Oh, sorry. Spoiler alert! Season four of 24 has terrorists in it!), and Ugly Betty's Father Ignacio!!! Is there anything Tony can't do? No.

The Many Emotions of Tony Plana:

"I love you!""I kill you.""I'm dead."

Next up: Hey, who's that crazy Australian Psychic on Lost?

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