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Tim Schafer Tim
The words "Deutsch Version" are pretty good proof that you are in Germany, but I also would have accepted the sweater or the beard as verification.

Here he is! Our first fan in Germany, Mischa Elbert! Mischa pre-ordered the PC version from and got the game the morning of December 15! That means he is our number one German fan, and also it means that our Christmas cards this year--which said, "The Psychonauts will be in Europe for the Holidays"--were NOT lying! We may not have been all over Europe, but we were definitely IN Europe. So I'm not a liar after all. Maybe Oprah will forgive me now and let us back in the book club.

Thanks for buying the game, Mischa, and for rubbing it's backside all over Far Cry.
The rest of you--keep those pictures coming! Each picture I get is worth 3,000 points from the HRA!

Wait, I can't tell... am I in Animal Crossing right now? Or is this life again?

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