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Tim Schafer Tim

See this cute picture on the FRONT PAGE of Cute Overload?

There are two things you need to know about it:

  1. No, that is not my cat.
  2. I took that picture!!!

So, I'm in Safeway the other day, at the prescription counter. (Picking up, of course, my bodybuilding steroids.) And I see this lady and her mother waiting there with their shopping cart. And while we're waiting, she sneakily opens up her purse and this TINY KITTEN HEAD POPS OUT.

And, yeah, that's pretty cute, but then the lady starts feeding the little kitty with a doll-sized baby bottle, and it was so adrorable I could have just slit my wrists. Seriously. Look at the size of that tiny head! It's like a walnut with eyes! Eyes, and a little bat mouth, and a frantic lust for bottled milk.

So I asked the lady if I could take a cell phone picture of it, and she was very nice and accommodating. She told me the sad story of how her old cat had just died, and she got this baby to cheer her up, and after I took the picture she thanked ME for some reason. And as I was walking away she said, "Am I going to see this picture up on the Internet?" And I said no, because why would I ever put a picture like that up on the Internet and have everybody think I was a soft and gentle kitty lover?

But I did sent the picture to my wife, and apparently SHE sent it in to Cute Overload. With full credit to me, you would assume. But no. Wife-Lady STOLE my picture and gave me no credit. Maybe she was trying to protect my tough guy public image. Probably it's all for the best.

But anyway, that kitten in the Safeway was so tiny and stuff, it inspired us to get our own kitten which is much cuter.

And I'll say that in public and I don't mind because I can bench 960 without even sweating and I eat cats like that by the handfuls some times for no reason.

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