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The Weekly Double Fine Action Sale of the Week: YO-YOs.

Chris Remo Chris Remo

An image from the Double Fine archive.

If there’s anything Tim Schafer knows how to do, it’s designing video games running a video game company executing sick yo-yo maneuvers. He frequently saunters around the office attempting baffling and astounding yo-yo tricks, dangerously close to fragile game development equipment and humans. Here’s proof:

An image from the Double Fine archive.
An image from the Double Fine archive.

We offer no fewer than two different yo-yo designs. Usually selling for $15 apiece, our Two-Headed Baby yo-yo and Psychonauts/Razputin yo-yo are this week each 50% off! That means you can get both of them together for the price of one! Madness!

So please, for the sake of the employees of Double Fine and our ability to continue making games for you, help us get these beautiful, high-quality yo-yos out of our office. Help us feel safe again.

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