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Tim Schafer Tim

An image from the Double Fine archive.
But wait, there’s more…

We can’t stop making Costume Quest!
The first game was so fun, the CQ team has made a whole new level, set in the monster universe of Repugia.
All new quests! New characters! New enemies! New costumes! New Battle Stamps! New Creepy Treats! A snowman!
Plus we patched the main game to add places to save your game at will, and pause cutscenes so you can read the awesome text. (Yes, that’s right—we read the forums!)
You don’t have to buy the DLC to get the patch, but good lord in heaven up above why would you not want this amazing entertainment value?? Do you hate ENTERTAINMENT? Are you allergic to fun? Well, this is the cure. Grubbins on Ice will melt your frozen heart and fill your candy bag with LOVE.
And candy.
Read more about it at Gamespot!

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