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Commentary video #2 up on IGN!

The audio compression makes me sound like I have a lisp but I do not have a lisp.

Also, in case you were wondering, Lee’s three favorite words are, “Juxtaposition,” “Mise-en-scène,” and, “Liebesschmerz.”
I blame Erik for the cellphone noise, but he’s trying to pick a caterer so cut him a little slack.

07/17/2009 - 04:23 PM
07/17/09 - 05:44 PM

07/17/09 - 05:46 PM
Leroy Octopus:

"Well I guess the DFAN drought is over now."
07/17/09 - 08:06 PM

"Wagon Of Bones? YES. All of this looks awesome and the references are just icing on the cake. The game looks AWESOME and everyone should buy it."
07/18/09 - 08:29 AM

"Dude, Ozzy's so touchy feely. I like it."
07/18/09 - 09:24 AM

"SSSSSuffering SSSSuccotash at that audio compression. Looks excellent!! I really like the accessibility for the various squad-based commands and the choices for character/vehicle upgrades. I also like that there are porcupines. Porcupines > Hedgehogs. Thanks for sharing these vids DF!"
07/18/09 - 10:02 AM
Trogdor The Burninator:

"Wow. I had to watch that twice it was so awesome. Everything looks insanely cool and this is still wicked early in the game (I assume they get crazier and cooler the further you go.)It looks like there is so much to do outside of the main game as well, from random battle skirmishes, to flying off jumps, to admiring the landscape, side missions, etc.. For a Pre-Alpha, everything looks very polished, I would buy this version of the game if I could. And I'm glad to know you can just about upgrade everything. Gah, I'm just rambling now! Anyways, game looks freaking amazing!"
07/19/09 - 05:17 AM

"Amazing indeed. I really like how the exhausts of the Deuce points you where you have to turn for the next mission. The commentary is also great. You guys really have style! :) P.S.: You forgot to announce it for the PC ;)"
07/19/09 - 08:45 AM

"Yay! ahahah hahaha yay! ahahahaha, pure happiness from me!"
07/19/09 - 12:47 PM

"Man, the game totally rocks !"
07/20/09 - 02:05 AM

"awesome gameplay tim. and i know you do not have a lisp."
07/20/09 - 07:04 AM

"Oh my god I have to wait three more months for this."
07/20/09 - 10:29 AM

"Simply beautiful. This game is gorgeous. Can NOT WAIT to play."
07/20/09 - 03:26 PM

"One of the best things about these commentary videos is that,- they're free! Many minutes of BL intertainement BEFORE the game has even come out!"
07/21/09 - 04:39 AM

"Amazing stuff. Looks brilliant and I wish I could play it right now. Also the commentary is fantastic. Good stuff."
07/21/09 - 01:30 PM
Sam Pagan:

"I love these videos! The little insights and observations are great, plus the witticism. :D I think Tim Schafer should do more commentaries... for anything, really!"
07/21/09 - 06:41 PM

"Snap doggies. A mere 2 2/3 months! Mr. Schafer, this looks like it will be my third pre-order/day-of-release buy EVER"
09/06/15 - 07:44 PM
James 33:

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