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Holy cow,

Tim Schafer Tim

...we’re busy here. Did I mention that we’re going to Comicon? And by “we” I mean me ‘n’ GWAR?

And that we also appear in the new Edge magazine (minus the GWAR)?

And that you can see a commercial for Brütal Legend in the theater if you go see Brüno? (Did you think the spelling was an accident?)

And also, have I mentioned that we’re busy? Rocktober is going to be Rockhere any Rocksecond.

There’s not too many words you can succesfully add “Rock” to in that same Roctober way. There’s Rocktagon, Rocktopus, and Roctomom. And you could say, “That date was horrible because of all the rockward pauses in the conversation.” And maybe, “I sealed up the tile around the tub with rocking fluid.”

Ew. That sounds weird.

I heard the new season of That Seventies Show is starting in Octopher.

My favorite 8-sided chocolate bar is a Octoblerone.

Yes, this whole thing is dumb, but face it: No matter how much you try to forget it, our launch date is something you will always Revember.

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