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Congratulations Bioware!

Great work on your awesome game, Brütal Legend!

J/k. I hear there were a lot of cards mis-printed that night. Good thing I wasn’t there or I would have gone nut sh!t on those awards people.
But no, I wouldn’t have, because I would have been too busy being happy, because Brütal Legend won two AIAS Awards!
We won for Best Soundtrack, which was of course our divine right, granted to us by the Gods of Metal.
And we also won for Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year! Holy Ess! Nice!!!

It was a magical evening that could only have been made better if I wasn’t enjoying it curled up in bed with my laptop and a mug of Theraflu. I couldn’t be at the show because I got some sort of nasty throat infection which I somehow still have, and I now think I will just always have. My throat hurts a lot but I’ve lost a little weight on the “Everything I eat hurts like a handful of glass shards going down my throat” diet, so I got that going for me.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah! Good work on that game, Canadian strategy masters!

02/22/2010 - 03:48 PM
02/22/10 - 10:08 PM

"I watched a live stream of the awards, even worse was that someone actually read one of the misprinted cards outloud."
02/23/10 - 01:03 PM

"Brutal Legend: It's like an RTS, only I like it!"
02/23/10 - 04:12 PM

"I accept this misprinted awards card on behalf of the Canadian people."
02/23/10 - 05:33 PM

"Why can't Double Fine make games as great as Bioware's Brütal Legend? Just think, those two awards could have been yours if you had just worked a little bit harder, and stopped posting all of this 'Double Fine Action News' all the time!"
02/23/10 - 07:43 PM

"Congrats to all at DoubleFine! Brutal Legend is certainly one of the best game I've ever played in my lifetime, maybe it's because I'm a metal head, maybe it's because I loved the RTS gameplay, or maybe it's because it sported one of the most finely scripted storylines ever, either way, congrats on such a major. Very much earned."
02/24/10 - 12:02 AM

"Congrats! That's awesome for you! But I'm also a little bit annoyed because I just found out that a soundtrack for the game's original score has been available on iTunes.....SINCE OCTOBER 30! Come on people I've been waiting for that thing for months only to find out about it just chance...really???"
02/24/10 - 09:45 AM

"Tim, have you considered the assassins are after you again? I mean the throat pretty much sums up everything."
02/24/10 - 08:57 PM

"Double Fine has shown the world they can do multiplayer, whether or not players took the time to appreciate it. I hope to see a sequel just so they can take the multiplayer up another notch."
03/19/10 - 02:49 PM

"Best soundtrack and best strategy/simulation game. I'm not surprised, this game rocked my world. Heck, I'm listening to Brocas Helm right now because of you guys and your awesomeness!"
10/09/10 - 01:25 AM

08/20/11 - 02:06 AM

" GMC Sierra Steering Pump Double Fine has shown the world they can do multiplayer, whether or not players took the time to appreciate it. I hope to see a sequel just so they can take the multiplayer up another notch.""
09/06/15 - 07:06 PM
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