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Happy Bicycle Day Everybody!

Haha, no. I am of course NOT celebrating the dangerous and despicable act of bicycle riding. I am talking about Bicycle Day, April 19. The date on which Albert Hofmann became the first person to ever take LSD, way back in 1943. And by sheer coincidence, Psychonauts was released on that same date, 62 years later (or as we call it today, “Five Years Ago.”) If you think that we purposefully released the Excellent Game on the very birthday of psychedelia, well, thank you for giving us that much credit. But really it was just an accident. Anyway, happy birthday Psychonauts!

04/19/2010 - 04:06 PM
04/19/10 - 07:08 PM

"oh wow, five years already? man time sure flies."
04/19/10 - 07:09 PM

"It's been five years already? The game has really stood the test of time. The fact that I've played it at least twice a year since it was released makes me feel kind of biased though."
04/19/10 - 08:26 PM
Cowhat Ninja:

"Oh man, so many memories...I have to say, the most surreal thing for me was playing the Milkman level and realizing it was 3 am (which I guess is kinda like being high? I wouldn't know...) Happy Birthday Psychonauts!"
04/20/10 - 04:28 PM

"I think there's an unconscious link between days. After all, 4/20 is only a day after the anniversary. There's a drug/psychedelia double danger day right there."
04/20/10 - 09:15 PM

"Wow five years already. And to think I've only played the game only 18 times since then."
04/25/10 - 08:20 AM

"Not to make the comment section sound like a broken record, but holy cow! I can't believe its been five years... So much has happened since we met Mr.Aquato."
05/16/10 - 11:12 AM

"Five years - and still the most well produced game I've seen during my 23 years as a gamer."
05/16/10 - 11:16 AM

"I say this from my heart."
05/17/10 - 03:36 PM
Royal Flush:

"WOW, five years god, boy oh boy werent thoughs the times"
05/18/10 - 12:59 AM

"Happy belated birthday! How come there’s no Wikipedia entry about the excellent company Double Fine Productions. But I really just wanted to repost this image since I just saw it on the Internetz:"
05/21/10 - 03:20 AM

"i almost forgot about this fantastic site. HAPPY B DAY. PSN-den247. out"
06/13/10 - 03:27 PM

"Was it REALLY an accident, Mr. S?"
06/16/10 - 05:42 PM

"I assume you guys are just lurking in the shadows of E3 waiting, watching...for the right time to announce the next epic game from Double Fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not then I barely forgive you. I guess I'll go back to Psychonauts now. I'm almost at Lungfishopolis"
06/23/10 - 09:57 AM

"Mhm, and when's Psychonauts 2 coming out? :D Or are you pulling a Fallout 3 and gonna wait 10 years? :P"
07/01/10 - 02:28 PM
The Real Sasha Nein:

"A belated Happy End-of-Gestation Day to Psychonauts! It was an absolute pleasure to play the voice of Sasha Nein. If he doesn't come back in a Psychonauts 2, I'd love to see him in a Brütal Legend sequel. Rock on, you guys..."
08/10/10 - 11:53 AM

"@umbrellasXfinest More like pulling a valve time :F"
09/06/15 - 04:01 PM
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