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Here’s something old that I DO own.

11/10/2008 - 12:14 PM
11/10/08 - 01:23 PM

"Wow...truly words fail. Because I'm not really sure how that car would work. (You pull the key looking thing at the top?)"
11/10/08 - 01:36 PM

"Ha ha. Ah, Old toys... Is there anything else that can simultaneously give you the thrilling satisfaction of pulling the pin from a grenade and racing at incredibly low speeds on one wheel? I think not."
11/10/08 - 02:20 PM

"Hate to ruin the joke, but I'm guessing you're referencing the puzzle document being taken down :( It was pretty awesome anyway. Doubt you'll ever read this, but Grim Fandango is (without any hyperbole) easily my favourite game ever and clearly in the top 3 ever things created by man."
11/10/08 - 02:45 PM
The one:

"LucasArt is mayor lame."
11/10/08 - 02:57 PM

"That's the nice thing about the Internet - it's out there, there's no calling it back, regardless of the desires of the 'bunch of chimps with Down's Syndrome' (thanks, B. Croshaw!). GF is indeed one of the wonders of the modern world. I really like the correction fluid (note avoidance of use of trademark) additions to your flywheel race car. I always had trouble with toys like this with shucking the teeth off the flexible spin-up handle ("let's see how fast we can spin this puppy up!"). Yours looks to be in great shape. Did you have a name for it?"
11/10/08 - 07:17 PM
Hot Yams!:

"A little voice told me to save that .pdf Glad I listened"
11/10/08 - 07:50 PM

"I'm just hoping you still own that other piece of property, which may or may not feature a letter ü in the title, which according to some internet sources is currently under IP siege from the new Emperor and Darth Vader of our not-so-distant galaxy. I'm talking, of course, about DeathSpünk."
11/10/08 - 10:39 PM
Iwan Gabovitch:

"Hehe. Hot Yams: Had that same voice :)"
11/11/08 - 03:27 AM

"For anyone who missed it: :cheese:"
11/11/08 - 04:02 AM

"Those things are fun sucks they don't go that far. Still are alot of fun. Hopefully that is the good rocket ship that stops short when pulled all the way."
11/11/08 - 11:26 AM

"I've printed out all the pages of that other thing you apparently didn't own, and scattered it all over by bed, making a Grim Fandango pool... Now all I need is some Tim Schafer bedding. You used to be cool Lucas!"
11/11/08 - 10:04 PM

"::kicks Lucas in the e-ghoulies, before looking down in to his hamster-like face with naught but scorn:: Grim Fandango is among the gaming greats for all of the right reasons, regardless of Lucas' sticky fingers."
11/11/08 - 11:46 PM

"It's still here, guys."
11/12/08 - 09:32 AM

"Pssh... So it appears Lucas arts is getting as bas as EA... Games would be better without producer involvement. Designer--"I have this great idea fo a game about kid who fights viruses inside his sick dad and..." Production company--"ok ill invest in your game only if you change the kid to a futureistic super solder, the germs into aliens and the dad into some random space station, now doesn't that seem more origional?" Oh, and nobody use the idea about the Virus (this means you doublefine, if you want it you'll have to hire me), i'm gonna hold on to that one... :lol:"
11/12/08 - 01:17 PM
Paranoia Agent:

"Wait... IT WAS I who came up with the idea for the Virus Dad game. You stole my Honey I Shrunk the Kids fanfics!"
11/12/08 - 05:31 PM
Christina Patterson:

"Bwahahahaha so glad I hath saved that document of good times! I have even recommended it to people at my work and told them of the humerousness of that document. And the link given has been saved POST HASTE! Alas I just wish GameStop would have more of these awesome games in our stores. But alas, we have but crappy games and rarely a gem."
11/13/08 - 12:52 AM

"Why oh why didn't I print that when I had the chance or at least save the file. Thanks for trying to share that though.I can't believe Lucasarts freaked out, its not like they are going to continue the franchise, they got to many Star Wars games going on. Oh, and Fracture. Ugh."
11/13/08 - 03:17 AM

"Oh man! I thought I was the only one that used WhiteOut to touch up old toys! I loved the eyeballs off of my PoundPuppy and WhiteOut was the only thing I could find to make him better. *high five*"
11/25/09 - 06:33 AM
sgt Fujin Vinson:

"Man, that's awesome! I love old stuff sadly I do not own any old stuff."
09/06/15 - 08:39 PM
James 33:

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