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Hey, look! Ben’s here!

Look, everybody! It’s Ben!
Good ol’ Ben. You can always count on him to have an awesome shirt on.

03/28/2009 - 02:30 AM
03/28/09 - 03:31 AM

"Stop staring into my soul Tim"
03/28/09 - 04:22 AM

"Ben made me ashamed of my country. I think I may be the only person in New Zealand who bought Psychonauts."
03/28/09 - 07:15 AM

"Heh, I had a subscription to PCPP at the time, being an Aussie. Not only did they give it a perfect score, but for almost a whole 12 months worth of issues afterwards, they always made sure that there was at least one Psychonauts screenshot per issue, usually with a caption acknowledging its irrelevance but revering Double Fine's masterpiece."
03/29/09 - 05:39 AM
General Balls:

"I have Psychonauts and I'm from Australia. :( But that was a crazy issue, I remember reading it, and the advertisement of the first perfect 10/10 they were going to give, and I thought 'Oh hell, they've decided to give FEAR the love'. Then they gave FEAR a 9 and threw 10 at this random cartoony game I'd never heard of. Luckily for me, they had a demo of it on their cover-disk I could use to refute that baseless drivel, and then the game irritated me even more by actually being really good. And what's worse, I lived 500km from the east coast and I couldn't get it, and the first time I did get close enough to get it, THEY ONLY HAD THE CONSOLE VERSIONS! ):< It took me 5 months to eventually get my copy, but it was worth it. All that blood. Bloody Double Fine and their damn bloody games. Brutal Legend better come out for PC or I'll get even more fictionally violent."
03/29/09 - 12:31 PM

"I know Ben. I know Ben and I know his obscure humour website and I know that his "friend" Andrey has said some very offensive and hilarious things. I know Ben. Sort of. Did you know? Did you know that this started with Donkey Kong? Some of it. At least. Ben has written some Amazing Things. Hi Ben."
03/29/09 - 06:10 PM

"Also, Tim has stolen both my haircut and my inability to shave."
09/06/15 - 08:06 PM
James 33:

"Eu venho do Paket Pulau Tidung e eu deveras gosta de jogar jogos, em especial uma vez que estes jogos do guerra. Minha casa é um lugar turístico que torna cada vez mais lotados usando os visitantes turnê quando eu jogar jogos. Com o objectivo de aqueles de vocês que querem saber mais pormenores onde eu vivo você pode ver o meu artigo intitulado Wisata Pulau Pari"
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