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Stop looking at those girls! The Psycho-pedia is here!


While you were lying there, stunned by my extreme acting skills and interesting beard-shape, we snuck a million-dollar bill in your pocket, and you’re welcome. But don’t try to spend it just yet, because it’s just a metaphor. It represents the amazing value of the official Psychonauts Psycho-pedia, which went live a few days ago.

What is a Psycho-pedia? Why, a user-modifiable database of all the world’s Psychonauts knowledge. A compendium of Psycho-lore. We put some information in there about the world, characters, and art of Psychonauts, but it’s still a work in progress. We will continue to add to it over time, but we’re hoping you will too. Please sign up and add articles, facts, spelling corrections, fan art, whatever you want! And then, as the Psycho-pedia grows, its mass will increase and so will it’s gravitational pull. It will become bigger and stronger with each new article and every passing moment. Soon nothing will be able to escape the pull of the PSYCHO-PEDIA! Not even light! Soon, Yvette Mimieux will come aboard to investigate, and will will perturb her with our robots!

But that all comes later. For now, why not check out some of the videos we put up. I’ll bet you’ve never that one with the outhouse!

12/19/2008 - 01:01 AM
12/19/08 - 02:49 AM
Apple Pop:

"The Psychopedia has to be one of the coolest things EVAHR. Thank you so much for putting this up, Tim and all you fantastic Double Fine staff! :3"
12/19/08 - 04:31 AM

"Hooray, now we die-hard fans have out own little place where we can share information and yack about stuff \o/ I'm still going through and bug hunting and fixing typos and stuff, as well as trying other bits of coding that may or may not work. I'm still a bit iffy on the ability to upload images, but eh, I'll get over it. Here's to an amazingly excellent Psychopedia~ :3"
12/19/08 - 04:36 AM
Austin McGee:

"The G4 Icons video cuts out after 30 minutes or so :(. The audio still works fine, but it's stuck on a freeze frame of Tim. Please fix! Awesome video aside from that."
12/19/08 - 05:53 AM

"Yeah, I have the same problem with the video, sadly. :( Otherwise, there's some cool stuff in the Psycho-pedia! Like all the concept arts. :D"
12/19/08 - 07:41 AM

"Yes, I'm loving that art!"
12/19/08 - 07:43 AM

"Wow! Great news! While I can always excuse spelling errors, multiplications of words and words left out of news updates, flung at my face at an excitedly hurried pace, I simply can't let this one slide: "and *your* welcome." This has been the bane of Mother Internet for as long as I can remember! For shame! Otherwise, the Psycho-pedia is cool ;)."
12/19/08 - 08:39 AM

"Great news... but so many spelling errors in the news article itself....... AND it just wasn't up to your usual standards. (Where was the mouse-over text?) I guess you're just really busy today."
12/19/08 - 08:40 AM

"*sniff* God has turned his gaze away from his children. (Except for the awesome Psycho-pedia thing, obviously.)"
12/19/08 - 02:32 PM

"ThunderPeel2001, you forgot Winking Face. You need to put Winking Face ( ;) ) or Smiley Face ( :) ), otherwise people will take you too seriously. My preference? Winking Face: ;)"
12/19/08 - 04:32 PM

"Do you guys always nitpick things that are FREE and AWESOME? "Honey, I just cleaned up your entire bedroom for you!" "Thanks mom, it looks great... but uh, I couldn't help but notice you left a few streaks of Windex on the windows." Then she goes off to cry. The Psychopedia is great. No complaints directed at DoubleFine from me."
12/19/08 - 04:33 PM

"How did you know I was looking at the girls this whole time? It must be the hidden Double Fine Action Security Cameras I've been reading so much about...I hope they don't follow me in the shower..."
12/19/08 - 06:26 PM

"Man, I've been searching for that Icons video ever since I saw it about two years ago. I really wanted to see it again and was sure there was a copy on the internet SOMEWHERE. However there wasn't. Thanks for putting it up! It was one of my favorites."
12/20/08 - 01:28 AM

"Hey doublefine! I've just that one with the outhouse and boy was it coooool!!!!!"
12/20/08 - 02:13 AM

"Thanks for putting up the Myspace pages! I spent a goodly long time reading through them and giggling to myself. Except for when Clem and Crystal popped by, when I felt the morbid hand of death reaching out to me."
12/21/08 - 12:43 AM

"Finally a wiki I can LOVE <3 Been adding stuff all night ^,^ Just a question though. Do I HAVE to send self-drawn works in for articles or can I host them myself?"
12/21/08 - 03:29 PM
Cyclone of Mystery:

"Awesome. Something to look at when I'm on break."
12/23/08 - 07:09 PM

"Watching that G4 video, one gets a bit nostalgic, one for the fact that everyone thought Psychonauts was going to sell a lot (I still blame Majesco for lack of marketing!) and two, when G4 was a gaming channel. Good times, good times."
01/02/09 - 01:52 PM

"What I imagine as being a terribly hideous beast--with creamy-crud filled bumps in place of big watery eyes (oh and tentacles, too. yeah. yeah!)-- came into my home and stole my Xbox. On the other hand, perhaps it was a gentle old man who wandered aimlessly through my locked door or window and confused the black brick (discarded for being less of a brick than the hammer of Thor sans the handle) for something he needed so. You see, his blindness is bold and brave and misleading, as if the other senses snicker as they encourage step after step in whatever direction but the correct one. Psychonauts! I shall own you on PC!"
01/24/09 - 12:54 AM

"Mr.Schafer, I hope you realize you can't pay your staff in metaphors. This is perfect. One of the few awesome wikis that destroy my browser!"
09/06/15 - 08:22 PM
James 33:

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