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The Cave is coming! The Cave is coming!

Welcome… to The Cave. what you’ll be hearing in mere days, when our newest game The Cave appears on pretty much every gaming platform known to man. Yes, this game is coming January 22 to PlayStation 3 and Wii U, and January 23 to Steam (for PC, Mac, AND Linux!) and Xbox 360! It’s outrageous, really. (If someone tries to tell you there are other gaming platforms than those, they’re probably lying.)

In fact, you can preorder The Cave on Steam right now! Your steam copy will work on PC, Mac, or Linux. So get on it! It also comes with a nifty exclusive Team Fortress 2 hat which, based on the TF2 community’s hat obsession, probably has a dollar value that exceeds the entire budget of The Cave’s development. There’s also a beard and a teddy bear. So don’t miss out.

Still not convinced? I think you’ll be whistling a different tune once you see this irresistible character trailer…

STILL not convinced? Then please, just buy it for our sake. This is Ron Gilbert’s game, and if it sells millions of copies he’s promised to finally stop telling us all what to do.

01/17/2013 - 06:41 PM
01/17/13 - 07:14 PM

"So happy to see Linux and Mac versions there! <3"
01/17/13 - 08:04 PM
Mr. Jaggers:

"Pre-ordered for Linux! Thanks so much, you guys are the best. :-)"
01/17/13 - 09:34 PM

"Adding Linux support resulted in an instant buy for me as well. Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys do!"
01/17/13 - 11:42 PM

"Yes!! This new TF2 gear makes my character look like James Bond!"
01/18/13 - 04:24 AM

"Pre-ordered this the second I saw it appear on Steam. Can't wait!"
01/18/13 - 04:47 AM

"Pre-ordered already, I'm so happy."
01/19/13 - 03:12 AM

"this looks so polished and fun/creepy. getting for PS3."
01/23/13 - 10:46 AM

"Is there a chance, we can get an explaination as to why it has been delayed to Jan 24th on steam, when i today have set time off to play this game?. this isnt nice at all i gotta say :S"
01/23/13 - 02:53 PM
The Tingler:

"Yeah, I noticed that... Steam itself says "Jan 24th" and my copy is still locked. What gives? Want... now!"
01/24/13 - 08:54 AM

"Can't buy in Hong Kong. Would be great to see that fixed."
02/10/13 - 07:15 PM

"Emmm... I wanted to ask smdy here if you guys at Double-Fine will send the game to GOG. I would buy it eventually on STEAM... but I rather support companies that are against DRM policies."
11/29/13 - 03:47 AM

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