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The Cave is here!

The Cave has been released, and you can play it! Here are all the places that is possible:

- Steam (Mac and PC right now, with Linux support coming next week)
- PlayStation Network for PS3
- Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360
- Nintendo eShop for Wii U

That’s more platforms than we’ve ever shipped at once! And our first Nintendo platform ever. To celebrate, enjoy this final launch day trailer:

01/23/2013 - 05:30 PM
01/23/13 - 11:20 PM

"This game beat all my expectations and I already had high hopes! It's got intuitive controls like a platformer, but the puzzles are just as good as an adventure game. It's also hilariously funny- man, that Knight's Quest.. :D"
01/24/13 - 07:19 AM

"Insanely clever! I can't wait to play through it with a second set of characters! I love fan service part towards the end. I won't spoil it, though! :)"
01/26/13 - 03:19 PM

"Will The Cave be available from the Mac app store? I really like having one ecosystem and am resistant from installing Steam and buying stuff from there as well. Thanks!"
01/27/13 - 07:35 PM

"A big thank you to Mr. Gilbert and the many talented people behind this game. I'm stuck with the monk, feather, bridge puzzle, but I'm enjoying this game more than I have any in a long time."
01/28/13 - 04:53 AM

"What date is the Linux version to be released?"
01/28/13 - 06:25 PM
DF Chris Remo:

"Linux is coming quite soon, and Mac App Store is in the works as well!"
01/29/13 - 06:20 PM

"I am totally buying this on my next paycheck xD"
01/30/13 - 06:17 PM

"I'm low on scratch, where do I download the free trial today!?"
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