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Dirt Nap #242: Running Mate

Dirt Nap #242: Running Mate
Dirt Nap #242: Running Mate

Panel 1:
Pendersnoot is shown stood at a podium, on a stage infront of a large crowd of people. He continues his speech "...AND THAT'S WHY I HAVE DECIDED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. NOW... WHO WANTS TO MEET MY RUNNING MATE?"

Panel 2:
A close-up of an angry audience member is shown. The audience member shouts "GET BACK IN THE GROUND, YOU GODLESS ABOMINATION!"

Panel 3:
The stage is shown again and Pendersnoot introduces a figure walking on to the stage, he reveals "SMITHY DUNKERSON!". The crowd gasps and swoons.

Panel 4:
The previously angry audience member is shown again, this time he is calm and with love-hearts in his eyes. He says "WHOA! SMITHY DUNKERSON!".

Signed copyright 2017 Gabe Cinquepalmi.

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