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Episode 9 - Heading into Alpha

Greetings once more Psychobackers,

Before we all head off for a much needed Festive break, we wanted to finish up the year by sharing some Psychonauts 2 progress with you all, along with some greetings of the season.

By now you have all probably seen one of the biggest things we’ve been up to of late… OUR TRAILER which we surprised launched at The Game Awards a week or so ago! If you haven’t seen it yet (or maybe even if you have) then stop whatever you’re doing and hit play below then we can talk some more afterwards.

They have cakes for everything these days!

Yayyy! We hope you enjoyed watching that as much as we enjoyed sharing it! One of the things you might notice straight away, from the thumbnail even, is that we have a sharp new logo.

It's hard to take something so well known and beloved and adjust it, but we felt that our old logo needed a little pizazz for a modern era.

We looked to our very talented friend and long-time collaborator Cory Schmitz, and working closely with art teams here we think he found the perfect balance between the old and the new for us - thanks Cory!

Modern and clean, but distinctly Psychonauts!

It was a lot of work to put that trailer together, especially because the game itself is about to enter a whole new phase of development, which meant lots going on at the same time!

“A new phase of development?” you say with a collective gasp “That sounds exciting!” — and you’d be right - it is! We're about to dive into Alpha, which in theory means we are done inventing things and now it's all about making and polishing the things we've been inventing this whole time.

If you’d like to find out more about that and see how this trailer came together, then dive straight on into this update video from 2 Player Productions! You’ll meet Geoff and Lisette, learn about Strike Teams, and see some rather fetching Christmas sweaters.

Twinimation showing off their new backer shirts


Those of you with shirts and prints should now all have them hanging on your walls and adorning your bodies, or at least know that they are on their way to you. It's been really amazing to see all the pictures of you enjoying your rewards on twitter (keep on sending those in please!) and we've even seen some of the shirts in the wild too!

If you haven’t heard anything yet then please contact and they will fix you right up.

Spinning is an acrobatic skill right?

In the video update you’ll have glimpsed the Raz Figurine in all its splendid beauty. Good news then: we have approved the sculpt, coloring and packaging, and he is now ready to go into manufacturing, and that means it won’t be too long before they end up in your hands - hooray!

The remaining rewards are still in progress, but they also won’t be too far from being yours - more news on those next year!

Happy Holidays!

We don’t really have seasons here, not like some places do anyway, so as the sunny and slightly foggy days turn to slightly less sunny, slightly more foggy days, It’s time for us to close the studio down for a week or so and take some time out with our families. We hope you get to do the same!

2019 will be very exciting for us all, and you can be sure to expect lots more of these updates, more rewards, but mainly - you’ll get to play Psychonauts 2! Until next time - Please have extremely Happy Holidays, and an amazing New Year!

See you in 2019, love from everyone at Double Fine xxx

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