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"App cannot be downloaded" error (Full Throttle Remastered)


I'm getting an error on iOS, "App cannot be downloaded at this time"



If you are experiencing download issues, then please read the following tips

  1. Ensure that your device has the required storage space
    The game's final installation size is 3.9 gigabytes. The game will require at least twice that to complete the download and installation. This is the most common download issue. Again, ensure that you have the proper storage space.
  2. Check Your Internet ConnectionThis solution is pretty easy to perform. The internet connection can be the main reason for iPhone apps not downloading problem. All you need to do is visit Settings, tap the Wi-Fi icon, and click the icon beside the Wi-Fi network. Then next, select “Renew Lease”. This step has worked for several iPhone users to fix the “won’t update and download apps” issue.
  3. Check Date and Time Settings
    This is one of the simplest way to solve the problem of iPhone not downloading or updating apps. By just heading over to Settings -> General, you can configure the Date & Time from manual to automatic. Now try to download or update the app, and the problem should be fixed.
  4. Sign Out – Sign In to App StoreTry signing out of the App Store to see if the problem goes away. Here’ are the steps to do that:
    • - Go to Settings and then select “iTunes and App Store”.
    • - Next, select your Apple ID and tap on the Sign out option.
    • - After you’ve done that, open the App Store once again, and select an app from the Featured list and try downloading it.
      - Accept when you receive a message telling you about new terms of service and enter your Apple ID and password again.
  5. Close running apps and restart the iPhoneBy tapping the Home Button two times, you can see the list of apps that are active and close them by swiping up. After that, switch off your device by holding the sleep/wake button. Turn it on again by using the same method.

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