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Backer Reward Information (Psychonauts 2)

Common Issue

First of all, thank you very much for backing! Psychonauts 2 would not have been possible without your kind support.

Digital Rewards

  • All digital rewards are fullfilled by Humble Bundle. If you log in to the site using the same email address that you used to back the game with, then you should see your digital rewards in the Keys and Entitlements section of the website.
  • If some or all of the rewards seem to be missing then please contact as there may be a discrepancy between the email used to back and the one used on Humble.
  • If you are yet to create an account on Humble, please go through that process using the same email address you used to back. If you no longer have access to that email address, then please contact and we will try to resolve things from there.
  • All backers will get the choice between Steam, GOG or Humble. The DRM-free choices are Humble and GOG. This choice will be made on Humble. Once chosen you cannot change - contact Humble support if that is an issue 
  • Console codes were available to backers as an upgrade add-on when the campaign was live in 2016. The console add-on option has since been closed and is no longer available. However, the PC version is available to all backers who backed to receive Psychonauts 2. 

Physical Rewards

  • Physical rewards have taken a longer to produce and ship out owing to supply chain issues during the early 2020s. Sorry about that! However, as of early 2024, most physical rewards should now be in the process of shipping or have been shipped. Fangamer is responsible for the shipping of these items.
  • In 2023 the Collector's Edition was shipped out to backers who backed at $250 or more, and the standard physical edition went to backers at the $100 level. Before these were sent out, we delivered surveys so that people could confirm their delivery information.
  • If you never recieved one of these, please contact and we will look into it.
  • If you've recieved part of your order but there's an issue with it, should be able to help you out.

As of March 1st 2024 the items remaining to be shipped out are:

  • The physical art book which was originally intended to be included with the CE at $250, but got too large and excellent, so we're delivering it seperately. These exist and you should have had an email about it recently, but they're still in the process of being shipped out by Fangamer.
  • The Raz or Lili plush, for people who ordered this as an addon, or backed at the $500 level. The designs for these are in the very final stages of approval and we should have more news about them very soon.

Note on Customs Fees: There are rules about sending items internationally which vary from country to country and also could have changed in the years since the fig pledges were initially made. Please check the rules for international packages in your country, and if your package is being held in customs and they need information to be able to process it, please send the details to for assistance.

I Can't Remember What I'm Owed!

I mean, that's fair. It's taken us a bit longer than intended, but many of the rewards are bigger and better than we originally imagined. Please see below for a summary of each tier. If you can't remember what you paid, you may be able to find it in an email from fig, or if you email we should be able to look it up for you.

If you know how much you paid, here is the summary of Backer Tiers. The digital downloads include Windows/Mac/Linux and console copies were available as a paid addon:

  • $10 - Supporter of Excellent Video Games
    • Name in Credits
    • Digital Copy of Psychonauts 1
  • $33 (Early Bird Price) / $39 - Basic Braining
    • Previous Rewards
    • Digital Copy of Psychonauts 2
  • $69 - I Am The Milkman
    • Previous Rewards
    • Psychonauts 1 + 2 Sountrack Digital Download
    • 2 Player Productions Video Downloads
    • Digital Art Book
  • $100 - Psi-Cadet
    • Previous rewards
    • Physical copy of Psychonauts 2
    • Raz Figurine
  • $150 - Hall of Brains + T-Shirt
    • Previous Rewards
    • Exclusive Backer T-Shirt
    • Name and Brain in Hall of Brains
  • $250 - Collector's Edition
    • Previous Rewards
    • Physical Collector's Edition copy of Psychonauts 1 + 2 with Art Book
  • $350 - A Victory For Good Taste
    • Previous Rewards
    • Three Fig-exclusive Psychonauts Art Prints
    • Black Light Painting Print by Nathan "Bagel" Stapley
  • $400 - A Victory For Good Taste SIGNED
    • Previous Rewards
    • ...but this time stuff is signed!
  • $500 - My Name... Is Razputin
    • Previous Rewards
    • Raz Plushie
  • $800 - Emotional Baggage
    • Previous Rewards
    • Replica Razputin Bag with Merit Badges
  • $2000 - Figment of Your Imagination
    • Previous Rewards
    • Design a Figment
  • $2000 - Figment of Your Imagination
    • Previous Rewards
    • Design a Figment
  • $5000- Original Psychonauts 2 Art by Scott Campbell
    • Previous Rewards (except the other original art prints)
    • Original Psychonauts 2 Art Print by Scott Campbell
  • $5000- Original Psychonauts 2 Art by Peter Chan
    • Previous Rewards (except the other original art prints)
    • Original Psychonauts 2 Art Print by Peter Chan
  • $5000- Original Psychonauts 2 Black Velvet Painting by Nathan "Bagel" Stapley
    • Previous Rewards (except the other original art prints)
    • Original Psychonauts 2 Black Velvetopia Art Print by Nathan "Bagel" Stapley
  • $5000 - Brainstorming + Board Games
    • Previous Rewards (except the original art prints)
    • Attend a brainstorming session and Board Game evening
  • $10000- A Trip to Whispering Rock
    • Previous Rewards (except the other original art prints + Brainstorming)
    • A Trip to Whispering Rock
    • Exclusive Camper T-Shirt
    • Friendship Bracelet

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