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Blocked from progressing (Headlander)


I think my game is broken because I'm stuck somewhere where I can't progress!


Usually there should be a way to proceed, but in the very rare event that a bug has occured in which you can no longer proceed, you may be able to recover your save game from before you got stuck, if you use this process very soon after the problem occurs:

First, navigate to the save location for Headlander on your computer. Inside the save folder you should see a number of files:

The save files for Headlander

The save files marked _prev are a back up of the prior save, and so if you use this method very quickly after the problem occured, you may be able to restore to a point before the issue happened.

First, we would recommend backing up all of the save files. Then you can overwrite the prefs, progress and unlocks save files by renaming the prev files to remove the prev prefix. This will make the previous save into the active save.

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