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White screen when in-game (Costume Quest)


When I'm in the game, the whole screen is white except for some interface elements and text bubbles


This is a rare issue that seems to be caused by the in-game brightness settings being too low. In the main menu before starting a game, go to the Help & Options screen, then go to Settings and increate the brightness.

The best approach might be to set brightness to maximum so that you can see the game, and then go into the game and access the menu, then gradually lower the brightness - at this point you should be able to see in the background at what level the screen goes white for you.

Different reports have suggested that it starts happening at different brightness levels. If you have changed any graphics card settings which might affect brightness levels, it may be worth experimenting with these settings to see if changing them has an affect while playing Costume Quest. However, increasing the brightness in settings ought to solve this problem in most cases.

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