ALRIGHT, I’M OUT OF HERE! THIS IS THE LAST NEWS POST I WILL EVER MAKE… a bachelor. Ha ha! Did I fool you with my clever wedding trick? The next time you see me I will be hecka married. But I will be back in January, posting more news items because I won’t be spending so much time on all this wedding planning. (Weaving my own silken tuxedo, getting those hair plugs re-done, etc.) I have to get out of here while I can still get past the Williams-Sonoma boxes piling up in my office. So please have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and make sure you do all the following things:

  • Check out this Polish Classical Station’s internet broadcast at noon tomorrow, to hear a story about Peter McConnell in Polish, featuring music from Grim Fandango and Psychonauts. Oh, and if you don’t already know it, learn Polish before then.
  • Read Old Grandma Hardcore’s blog. I would have posted this earlier, but I figured everybody in the world already read it every damn day. But I heard of a couple people who didn’t read it yet, so this news item is for you. Especially check out all the items where she is screaming out her anger towards Psychonauts. It is hilarious. Yes, I delight in creating anger, like some sort of old-school Star Trek monster.
  • And VOTE FOR PSYCHONAUTS on the Spike TV 2005 VGA thing! I’m not sure just how horrible this show is going to be yet, but the one thing that would be cool about it is if they are forced to deal with The Excellent Game Psychonauts!!! Take that, Samuel Jackson!