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Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, this such a crazy coincidence, that I’m just going to have to pretend that we meant to do this.

On this day, April 19, two years ago, the most Excellent Game Psychonauts was released unto the world, bringing about 100 years of peace and tranquility to the earth. (Much like Psychonauts, the peace and tranquility are just a little late.)

But on this exact same day in 1943, Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann deliberately ingested the first dose of LSD, and therefore was himself, the very first Psychonaut.

Man, we are effing GENIUSES for releasing Psychonauts on April 19th! I’m so glad we thought of that.

(I wonder if we actually did do that on purpose, but I just can’t remember because of all the LSD I’m constantly taking.)

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