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in OLD ONION news…

Tim Schafer Tim

In case you missed it, Psychonauts was reviewed in the Onion! I know this is kind old news but I’m still going to tell you about it because 1) I forgot to mention it back when it first happened, and B) I love the Onion, and so getting reviewed in there is a special thing and it will always be special, forever, so shut up.

The reason I am posting this item today is that I just remembered it BECAUSE of the following action story, which did happen mere hours ago:

I was walking down the street reading the Onion, and people kept looking at the paper in my hand as I went by. And I thought, “Bwah ha. They covet my Onion. I have one and they do not and so they stare and desire it. Bwaha.” And then I eventually saw the back page of the paper I was holding up and realized, no, they were just looking at the American Apparel ad with the big picture the topless girl in her underwear and they just think I’m walking down the street reading a copy of Yank. ~Thee end~

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