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Tim Schafer Tim

Whoa, I just realized that my last entry was pretty much a plagiarized, less concise version of the last news item on Tim Fandango. I stole it completely. I have looted one of our own fan pages for news. I hope they realize over there that stealing is how we say "I love you." I'm just so desperate to get my news update posted before Nathan gets his comic done, because he's always last, and I don't want to be last. I want to be second-to-last, because that means I expended the least effort possible without actually coming in last.
Never mind. Think about this instead: What's Double Fine doing these days? Well, for one thing, we're putting together the European version of the Excellent Game Psychonauts! We've put in the text for the French and German translations, and next we put in the re-recorded voice. The localization company is doing a killer job. How killer, you might be asking? Slightly killer? Medium killer? Or full-on deadly killer? Well, I think I'll let that question be answered by...

An image from the Double Fine archive.
andAn image from the Double Fine archive.

I think this bodes well for all of Europe. I hope their love of Psychonauts will give those countries over there the common ground they need to unify whatever it is they're trying to unify.

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