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Tim Schafer Tim

This just in: the Double Fine Action News has been updated!
This is it! The words you are reading right now! That’s the update!
Okay, it may not be a big deal to you, but it’s a big deal to me since we are super busy here right now, putting the FINAL TOUCHES on the Excellent Game Psychonauts, and I never have time to update this page. Don’t even mention the Action News Banner. Look it’s still got George Bush and Jay Leno on it. Geeze.

Okay, this actually happened: the office suite above us leaked and dripped down and got all over my old copies of Grim Fandango, Korean Throttle, and that copy of the Adventurer with the monkey jumble in it. Now they’re all bumpy. Thank god the box full of pictures of ME is safe. Damn you, upstairs neighbors! Leaky bastards!

It was from their bathroom too, and so I really don’t even want to talk about it. I never told you about the sewage problems we had in the old building, because I wanted you all to come work here. But let’s just say Double Fine is CURSED with UNWANTED FLOODS and I DON’T know WHY. Ahhh! Even my CAPS LOCK key is MAD NOW!

Beard says: “Kill them. Kill them all! And get this piece of cheese out of me!”

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