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Tim Schafer Tim

I just got the most exciting news ever about Psychonauts: I’m growing a beard!

I think it’s going really well. Two people have already complained and asked me to stop. AND it’s itchy.

I was so excited about the beard, which grows on my face, that I wanted to make a new news banner all about beards, but when I Googleimagesearched for beard pictures, I found this instead. TOTAL. BUZZKILL.

You know, making games, we Funateers have to come up with incredible, brilliant, pure genius solutions to difficult problems all damn day. But it’s okay! Because we are all so effing smart and brilliant and intelligent. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves hard questions like, “Hm, should we swap out the entire game engine the day before the milestone?” And that’s tough, right? But, on the hardest day in games, we never have to wonder, “Well, how about we cut a hole in the guy’s lower eyelid, and then pull a flap of lid skin through it and sew it to his upper lid, until it the skin gets confused and attaches itself there, and then after it heals, let’s cut a new hole so he can look out. How about that? Let’s try that and see if it works!”

See, sometimes I think our job is stressful, but no. At least when we cut holes in people’s eyelids it’s just for fun.

My beard’s thoughts on this subject: “Garrrrg! Grrr! BEARD ANGRY! Rar!”

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