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Tim Schafer Tim
The rules, in case you haven't noticed, are thusly: Whenever I post exciting news about a new product in the DF Shop, EVERYBODY MUST BUY AT LEAST ONE before I can post here again. I don't know why that is, but I'm told it has something to do with XML.Luckily, its seems that everybody in the world has finally purchaced at least one set of Nathan's fabulous buttons. So now you're off the hook, right? Right?
Set #4: Polaroids!
Ka-changClick here for excellence in buttons.Ka-chung
Mark Hamer explodes onto the scene in his typical extreme fashion. Kapow! Tiny dog! Shezam! Little girl! Ka-zing! Smoking boy! Wha-CHOW! TV dinner! In your face!*Do not delay! Everybody has to buy a set of these pins before I tell you all the stuff that's been going on here. Like the fact that I turned 40 years old, and that Double Fine had its seventh anniversary, that I'm giving a keynote address to the nation of Germany (Just one more spooky coincidence between me and JFK), and that there will be a classical orchestra at that same conference that will be playing music from Day of the Tentacle. Buy these buttons now! You can't afford to stay in the dark forever!!!
*WARNING: Do not apply pins to face.

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