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My neck hurts

Tim Schafer Tim

Ow, my neck hurts.
That’s me talking, not Osama. I actually have a krick in my neck so severe that I can’t turn my head to the right. This always happens. I’m thinking of having my neck removed, I’m so sick of it.
I know it seems like this news page is turning into me just compaining about whatever’s going wrong with my body instead of exciting news about our games. And it is. But that’s just because I don’t have any other big news to share with you right now. We’re still working away on Brütal Legend, in all it’s epic glory. Our publisher is merging with another publisher, so they’re spending a lot of time trying on bridesmaids dresses, picking a caterer, choosing table linens, etc. I was sick for most of GDC, so nothing exciting happened to me there.

They fixed the thermostat in our office. That was pretty cool.

It stopped raining.

I downloaded the Patapon demo. That was awesome.


I guess this is why they say “No news is good news.”

No wait. I can think of something…

A police car drove by me yesterday, with it’s lights and siren on. It was going pretty fast.

Seemed like they had the situation under control, so I didn’t get involved.

Now I kind of wish I had, so I could write about it.


Holy crap, look at my cat! She’s licking a bag! What’s she doing that for?


Omg, footage:

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