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It’s here!

The Fourth Thing!

I know, I know. She's not sad, she's just immitating Lili's sassy pose. And Daniel was working on the concept art binder. I know. Look, there is no humor without LIES, okay?

No, the fourth thing is not Malena. It is the T-shirt she is so grumpily wearing!

Why is Malena looking so sad when she is wearing such a delightful garment that is blue in color and cut in a feminine style? Is it because Malena hates Psychonauts and happiness and all things that cause joy? Well, that, yes, but more because she is looking out at her life, all the parts of her life that do NOT include her new T-shirt, and thinking, “Gosh. All that other stuff in my life looks like garbage now. Nothing else I have or do or love will ever compare to THE SHIRT.” My advice is this: buy a second shirt, and wrap it around your head. Then you never have to look upon anything that is not shirt.

Here is where I would put a link to the spot on the store where you could buy all the blue Lili shirts you need, but I can’t because it’s not up yet because Daniel is too busy playing Animal Crossing to update the store. Put down the watering can, Daniel.

In the mean time, I’ll direct you to the main shirt page, which might, by the time I upload this, actually have a link to the blue Lili shirt. In which case I’ll look kind of stupid, and mean. Again.

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