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Okay, so now begins the long and tedious process of reporting all the news that I missed while I was out fighting world terrorism during Christmas break. Tedious for me, I mean, because of all the cutting and pasting and plagiarizing from other sites that I have to do. But the results will be thrilling and informative for you, the reader. Or, as I should really call you, The Enjoyer.

Let’s begin with a graphic that I stole from…

Hey, guys. I filled in those white corners for you for FREE. If you want to use this on your site don't worry. I won't charge you.

It’s seems that over in Europe, The Excellent Game Psychonauts is known by a different name, and that name is…

You know, I have always liked Eurogamer. They have always been so smart and pretty. So ahead of their time. So clever and pleasant-smelling, and such great kissers. All of Europe, actually, is pretty high on my list right now, and I really owe it a non-sexual foot rub.

One lion represents the best of the year, the other lion represents the worst. The lions always fight over which is which, and it causes a lot of tension in their family.

Gamespot is not doing so bad itself. And I think they have especially good judgment when it comes to judging the…


(I’m giving this award my award for “BIGGEST BUMMER OF A NAME FOR AN AWARD.”)

They also nominated The Excellent Game Psychonauts for Best Original Music, Best Story, Best New Character, and Best Xbox Game!

And more! Yes, there are more awards for the Excellent Game but I have to grab some lunch now so I can be back in time to play Mario Kart DS. They will start without me and I know they secretly want to because I always win.

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