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Tim Schafer Tim
GDC Awards

Here was the best part:

Actually, what he said right here was, 'It is an honor to meet you, Mr. Lucas.'

Shaking Shigeru Miyamoto’s hand on stage. I was so excited that I tensed up and crushed his gentle fingers in my vice-like grip. Look how he winces in pain!

“Did you get a chance to play Psychonauts yet, Miyamoto-san?”

“Please… ow… you’re crushing my hand.”

“I could send you a free copy! You’re awesome!”

“We’re on stage. People are looking. I’m right-handed…”

“I really like it when Mario swims! Where did you get the idea for coins?”

“Gahhh! I beg of you.”

“Ha ha! What’s up with that Wario guy? Why does he hate Mario so much?”

And then his translator tasered me. But I didn’t mind. It was a magical experience that I will never forget, because if I ever started to, I could just watch it again on Gamespot.

I wanted Loco Roco to win more awards, though.

Hey, everybody look the other way while I tell Loco Roco how I really feel about it, okay?

Hey, Loco Roco? I love you.

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